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  1. Perform interior inspection.

  2. Measure distance of roof leak location to transfer measurement onto the roof filed or penetration.

  3. Inspect for damage roof items or hole with the measuring taking from inside and to identify the correct location.

  4. Repair all areas with compatible material for proper adhesion.

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Wind damage can occur at anytime. Experience contractors can detect an error or wear and tear that can produce intensive damage. Please contact us to help you find or prevent future costly repairs.

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Are you having issues with trapped water inside your Roof system.

Here is the best action to take and prevent deck delamination and water infiltration.   

Semiannual inspections and minor repairs can help avoid future costly repairs. A free inspection from a experience company can detect and prevent water infiltration from multiple penetration and common deterioration items that are conbine with a roof system

Check List: 

  • Identified age of roof system. 

  • Review warranty 

  • Walk thoroughly and view the condition with a professional to better understand what to look for and document all areas for future observations

  • Only use compatible martials to repair any questionable areas. 

  • Mark damage areas to prevent other to walk over damage areas. 

  • Inspect all areas semiannual. 

  • Please contact us to better assist you... 

I’m a well-regarded Roofing Contractor with satisfied clients across the CITY area. I do it all, from small-scale installations to more complex fixes. Check out some of my latest projects and see what I can do for you today.

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